Installation Instructions

Mar 24 by Robbert

Installation of this template should be pretty straightforward, some instructions are written below.

Step 1 – Copy the css images

Copy the images into your textpattern “images” folder. The easiest way is to upload the images through ftp.

Step 2 – Copy the css

Copy the contents of css.txt. Browse to the textpattern css/style form by clicking on the presentation and the style tab. On the left side click on the link “Create or load new CSS”, name the style azurio and paste the contents from css.txt and click save.

Step 3 – Copy the page template

Copy the contents of page.txt. Browse to the textpattern page template form by clicking on the presentation and the pages tab, scroll down and enter azurio in the “Copy page as:” field and click copy. On the right side click on the new azurio page link, delete it’s contents and paste the contents of page.txt and click save.

Step 4 – Copy the forms

There are four forms that need to be overwritten. Look at the file names to see where the contents of each form need to go. Browse to the textpattern forms and copy the contents of each form_form_name.txt into the appropriate textpattern form. Example: copy contents form “form_comments_display.txt” and paste it into the “comments_display” make sure you remove or overwrite the old and don’t forget to click save.

Step 5 – Set the sections to use Azurio

Click on the sections tab. For each section set “Uses page:” and “Uses style:” to azurio and click save.

Step 6 – There’s no step six.

You are done!

Optional Step – Change background color

The Azurio template has a greyish background colour for the body by default. If you like to change this to a dark colour, as on this page, go to the azurio css and in the fist declaration block (body) change line “background:#E3E3DF;” to “background:#414141;” and click save.